Crunchy, soft bread. A well-grown, well-baked cake. Vegetables full of vitamins and nutrients. Juicy meat with a golden skin. Perfectly tasting fish and seafood. All this and more with a steam oven from GOTIE!!

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Meet the GOTIE GPP-400 steam oven

Your new oven

GOTIE BAKEandSTEAM oven will ideally suit as a new, multifunctional device in your kitchen.


Combine the benefits of baking and steaming in one device. Thanks to steam, each dish will gain a new dimension of taste!


Microprocessor control

The touch control panel with display allows you to choose from up to ten main functions.

Water cartridge

Water cartridge
A special cartridge releases steam during operation. Thanks to it, you can prepare a juicy roast, a delicious cake and many other dishes that will gain a new dimension of taste!

Compact dimensions

Despite the large chamber, the oven retains compact dimensions, so you can place it on the kitchen counter or as a built-in device.

Effective thermal insulation

The door made of tempered glass and the insulated casing ensure effective keeping of heat in the chamber.

Two steam jets

Two jets in the back of the chamber dose the optimal amount of steam during operation.


The steam heated to 110°C ensures effective and even baking or cooking.

Three independent heaters and hot air convection

Thanks to the heaters in the lower, upper and rear part of the casing, the baking is even and adapted to your needs.

Safety first

Our oven is equipped with a number of security systems, such as the control panel lock and automatic shut-off after opening the door.

Traditional steamer vs steam oven

In the whole chamber of the steam oven a high and constant temperature is obtained, which is not possible in the traditional steamer…


Steam function

Turn your oven into a steamer and discover the world of healthy, steamed dishes!


Fry and bake with hot air – healthy and without oil

Baking meat

Use a rotating roaster to make delicious chicken and any other kind of meat!

Baking bread and cakes

Take advantage of the traditional possibilities of the oven – bake delicious cakes and homemade bread!


Dry mushrooms for Christmas dinner or prepare delicious, healthy and crunchy delicacies!


You can pasteurize your preserves in a quick and easy way, so you will be able to enjoy them for a long time!


You no longer need a microwave to quickly heat or thaw the dish!

Making sauces

Make your own yogurt, sauce or dip – healthy, natural and the one you like best!


You can easily start the process of automatic cleaning of the oven.

DIY - do it yourself

Choose time, temperature, options and make your own kitchen masterpiece!


Customers opinions

Tips & tricks

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Why use steam?

Above all, it is healthier. Steamed dishes are dietary. Steaming reduces the loss of vitamins and microelements. The loss of vitamins in vegetables boiled on water is up to 70%, and steam only up to 40%. A diet based on steaming also allows you to lose a few pounds.

A steam oven or a cheaper steamer?

The steam temperature in the BAKEandSTEAM steam oven is constant and reaches 110oC. These parameters are close to professional catering equipment but unattainable for a steamer. The same steam temperature is also maintained throughout the entire chamber of the oven. In the steamer the temperature in higher parts is lower.

In what dishes should I put food into the steam oven?

The most commonly used are heat-resistant glass vessels. However, there are dishes that require, for example, a baking tin or a baking pan. Tin and carbon steel dishes should not be used. BAKEandDSTEAM offers special dishes for steam ovens.

Is a scale accumulating in the oven?

Yes, it’s a normal process. The amount of scale depends on the quality of the water used for steam cooking. The BAKEandSTEAM oven is equipped with an automatic descaling function. The device will inform the user when it should be descaled.

Isn’t this oven too small?

The capacity of 40 liters is sufficient for baking cakes, sponge cakes and preparing meals for the whole family. For demanding customers BAKEandSTEAM offers dishes with sizes dedicated to the steam oven

Steamed dishes look pale and unappetizing?

Thanks to the BAKEandSTEAM steam oven, you can prepare the dish with steam and then slightly brown it. The oven cooks by steaming but also has a set of traditional electric heaters and the hot air convection. The dish retains its dietary properties and looks appetizing.

Freestanding or built-in?

The BAKEandSTEAM oven is suitable for use as a freestanding device, but also thanks to its compact dimensions it can be integrated into kitchen furniture. At the kitchen design stage, all you have to do is reserve a 54x45cm space for it.

Is this oven designed for steaming only?

BAKEandSTEAM is designed for steam cooking, but it is also a fully functional traditional oven. Bake and steam!

What happens to condensed water?

The BAKEandSTEAM oven is equipped with a drip cap placed under the device. In the case of less frequent steam cooking, the drip water will evaporate itself. With more frequent use the drip cap can be removed and the water can be poured out.

Is using a steam oven safe?

There is a high temperature in every oven. An overheated steam is much more dangerous than hot air. The BAKEandSTEAM oven informs the user by a warning light when it is hot. The manufacturer also provides the necessary accessories.

Dedicated accessories

Accessories dedicated to steam ovens

Mold kit for the steam oven

Mold kit for the steam oven

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